subota, 10. svibnja 2014.


Choies sweatshirt and necklace, Zara flats and denim skirt, David Jones bag, Ebay watch, Wholesale celebshades sunnies

I'm back! I know, I haven't posted anything for two months. I feel like I owe you an explanation, so here it goes.
My mind has been preoccupied with only one thing - getting into my dream college. Before I tell you more about it you have to know that this is at the top of every to-do list I ever wrote. When I found something like that, that I want so much, I was willing to sacrefice everything else. The big test is for two months and than I'll know if I succeed. There is one word that perfectly describes my previous five months - overflow. Overflow of everything, feelings, desire, studying, preparing. In that state of mind I couldn't focus on creating quality blog content and I never share content that I'm not happy with, so I just didn't post anything. This could happen again, but I am not shutting down this blog.  
Well, I am back! Hope you missed me. :)
And fingers crossed! 

photos - Petra Gugleta