subota, 18. listopada 2014.


When I realised I was going to move away from home for University, I promised myself one thing and that is to stay healthy. It sounds simple but being away from home-cooked meals and your mom to look after you makes this whole ' I want to stay healthy ' thing quite a challenge. I know that most of you guys are around my age and I want to remind you how important it is to treat your body in a proper way. You know what they say - ' Good seed makes a good crop.'.
The first thing you have to do is forget about your weight. That number means nothing. Really it doesn't. This is not me telling you how to lose weight, this is me telling you how to look after yourself. Still, you have to put good food in your body. So no sugar, no food additives, no chemicals, no processed food, no crap basically. And it will be hard, I can assure you but you just have to remember one thing - what you eat is what you are made of. If you put bad food in you body, your skin, your muscles and everything else is going to suck. If you put gorgeous food full of proteins, vitamins and antioxidants and all of those other wonderful ingredients, that's what you'll be made of. And don't believe those stupid articles that say things like - ' bananas make you fat '. Bananas aren't processed therefore they are good for you, just like every piece of fruit and vegetable.
If you really want to feel better, have more energy and a glowing skin then just take care of yourself. In the future I'm going to write more about this topic. For now just follow these few tips and I promise you that you won't regret it. To me, the most beautiful people are the ones who love themselves and know that they are beautiful without being arrogant. The only person you'll have to spend your entire life with is yourself, so make yourself beautiful inside and out. Love yourself and remember that you are golden.