ponedjeljak, 22. lipnja 2015.


Choies Midi Skirt, Zara shoes, Vintage bag

Because Mondays never felt this good.
You know you're going to have a good day when a work day turns into a national holiday and the sun is finally shining. So we put our favourite outfits on, had the usual girl talk and walked around in high heels. I finally feel unapologetic about wearing heels during daytime. They make me feel confident and there is absolutely nothing wrong about that. So ladies, get that favourite pair out of the closet because shoes that pretty aren't meant to be always worn in the dark.

photos - Klara Bilić

petak, 19. lipnja 2015.


Veggie rice burgers with some more veggies and baked fries. 
After eating these babies my friend Klara and I fell into a deep beautiful food coma while snacking my aunt's homemade cookies and having a proper girl-talk. It was a dream! Also always bake your fries never fry them. Trust me.

Lemon chicken with sautéed spinach
Just a few ingredients make a perfect meal. 

Eggplant courgette and parsley frittata with some more roasted courgette
Looks impressive, but it's basically an omelette. Chop and put everything except eggs into a pan for a few minutes. Then add eggs and just before they begin to fry put them into a heated oven. This thing makes people think that you know how to cook.

Leftover veggie burger balls, paprika roasted potatoes, boiled eggs and mixed salad
This is a well known "put everything you have in your fridge on a plate and impress your hungry friend" type of meal.

 Roasted courgettes and baked paprika potatoes salad
This is my version, but just bake or roast some veggies and throw them together with rocket, tomatoes and carrots. It's like eating eating a rainbow. 

Tuna salad with green beans, cabbage and carrots
I like tuna a lot although surprisingly I don't eat it as much since I've moved for Uni. But, when it comes to this dish, make sure you blanche your beans and then put them on a plate while they are still warm. It just makes it better.

Greek yoghurt with oats berries and honey
What can I say - it's a no-brainer breakfast or a snack.

Tomato soup
Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am the biggest soup enthusiast and this one is my childhood favourite. Onion and garlic go into a pan, followed by passata and chicken/vegetable stock, then put roasted tomatoes in as well. Finally blend it a little bit with a hand blender and put parsley on top. Pure perfection is what you just created my friend.

Oatmeal topped with kiwi cinnamon berries honey and dates
It's hard for me to choose my favourite breakfast but this on is in top 3 category. Put half a cup of basic steel cut oats ( I prefer steel cut ones, they get much more creamier than rolled oats ) and water, a lot of it. I usually keep on adding water during the time they cook. It helps them get super creamy. And then top it with any kind of fruit, dried berries, nuts you have. The options are endless, but peanut butter in oatmeal will blow your mind. Also don't let the amount of oats you put at the beginning scare you. Really little, goes a really long way when it comes to oats. 

Sautéed mushrooms risotto
This one looks more like rice with mushrooms, then other way around. 

It's all about treating your food as a medicine, that's it. If you have any questions, just comment below and I'll answer. :)

četvrtak, 7. svibnja 2015.


Zara TRF dress, Superga sneakers and H&M bag

It has been a hectic couple of weeks and all I can say is that it can get quite stressful. Going to Uni and just living in a different city, I've realised that it is always important to find different ways to clear your mind for at least 30 minutes. For me, going for a walk or a run or cooking helps. You know, just let go of all of those stupid little things we all worry about. Did you know that 85% of things we worry about never actually happens. Now there's something to think about for a moment. 
I've been slowly planning my upcoming summer adventures and I am beyond excited. I dream about snorkelling, blue skies, boat rides, my grandpa's cuisine, roadtrips, carnivals, being in my swimwear all day, salty hair, not wearing make-up and brown tanned skin. Particularly that last one, because I've just realised how untanned my skin is and I am planning to wear skirts and shorts and walk on the sunny side of the street to get some of that golden skin before beach time begins. ;)

photos - Iva Pandurević

četvrtak, 2. travnja 2015.


Zara bag, Superga sneakers, H&M jeans and shirt, Topshop denim jacket

It was the perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon. We petted a goat and a pig, almost got hit by several birds and saw beavers mating. Well, if that's not educational I don't know what is. Just think when was the last time you visited your local zoo, really? It's one of those things you do when you're ten years old and next when you have your own children. But, honestly, zoo's are amazing. 
My friend Ivona and I have this thing we do. Every time we hang out we do something couples would do on dates. So we eat pancakes, go to the cinema, we ice-skate... It's a lot more fun then just grabbing a cup of coffee. You should definitely try it. And seriously, when was the last time you saw a lion?!? :)