utorak, 19. travnja 2016.


There were still Christmas lights on streets when I called my best friend and said: "Macklemore is coming to Vienna in March, do you want to go, let’s go. We have to decide today, European tour is practically sold out." "I have to ask my mom.", she said. Mom said yes, so we went. I had a mild panic attack, bought the tickets and we both screamed on FaceTime in our pyjamas with our desks filled with piles of work that needed to be done since this whole thing happened during our finals. There was never a moment that so well explained an adolescent friendship between two girls during an evening of extreme happiness and well, extreme despair. 

I like concerts a lot and I would probably spend my last $50 on a concert ticket. Most of the people in Croatia know the struggle. You really like a certain band but the closest city they have a show in is either Milano or Vienna. So no, you will not be lazy and give up and not go. This is what you do. You buy tickets online and pick them at the venue, don’t do the delivery because it will cost you big bucks and you should listen to me because I made this mistake, also you book a cheap hostel in the city centre so that you can explore before and after the concert, the one we stayed in was in Myrthengasse and it was perfect and dead cheap! Also you get your info straight and find the cheapest and most suitable bus or train ticket, you also bring your best friend and that’s it! Congrats, you are going to have the most amazing reality escape you could ever imagine.

This is what we did during our 48 hours in Vienna and so should you!
  • Bought spices and new vintage hat in Naschmarket.
  • Ate pancakes in Ulrich cafe.
  • Bought Springsteen’s record in Sing Sing, a second hand record store.
  • Got new stationary for my mum (she cried when she opened it) and my sister in Sous Bois.
  • Explored my favourite museum, Natural History Museum.
  • Danced like absolute champions while Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were hiting the stage.

That's all! Have fun! ;)

utorak, 20. listopada 2015.


I don't exactly know where did my obsession with Ireland come from. Maybe it was from the first time I watched "P.S. I love you" or maybe it was while listening to my ex-boyfriend talking about his Irish adventures, but there is something about that place that made me want to visit it so unimaginably much. So my sister Klara, myself and our friend Ivona packed our bag (yes bag aka one single backpack each with clothes for a week) and decided to spend a week in Ireland. It was everything I expected it to be and so much more.

Where to stay: We stayed at Isaac's hostel and so should you. It's cheap, it's located in the centre of the city and the staff is so nice. Just one conversation with Andy, the receptionist, and you'll understand that Irish charm everyone has been talking about. Flirt with them, apparently they love it. That's what it says on one of the signs. ;)

What to see: Apart from getting lost within the streets of Dublin I suggest visiting the Cliffs of Moher, where I had so much fun although the good old Irish weather was in all of it's glory and we were soaking wet. Also the second "must-do" thing on our list was visiting Galway because "Galway girl" remains one of my favourite songs and hearing it live involved happy tears. Also Guinness Storehouse with a free pint and a 360 view overlooking Dublin is a thing you just can't miss. And everything else, there really is a lot for everyone. You won't be bored, that for sure!

What to eat: Oh boy! There is not a single photo of food on my phone from that week because we simply couldn't wait a single more second without tasting every meal that was placed in front of us. 
  • Bunsen - That was one of the happiest moments of my life. You know that episode when the squad from "How I Met Your Mother" is trying to find that perfect burger place, well I think they were trying to find Bunsen because their burgers are so good it makes you forget the not so pleasant staff. Also, make sure you get a table next to the window! 
  • The Celt - It is exactly what you would imagine an Irish pub looks like. It was also the first place we went to after we checked in our hostel (if you're staying at Isaac's hostel, it's only a minute away). Try the traditional Irish stew and top it of with pint of Guinness and you'll be fine. Also, don't forget to return to that pub in the evening, you won't be sorry. And the boy that works there, Connor, will give you a good list of places to visit while you're in Dublin.
  • Gus O'Connor's Pub - If you decide to visit the Cliffs of Moher which you'd be an idiot not to, you'll probably stop in a small village called Doolin and this pub has the most insane Seafood Chowder. I am not a chowder specialist though, that is the only chowder I have ever tasted and I can safely say that it was delicious. 

Where to go out: We went out every single evening. That might sound a little bit too much but with bars in Dublin closing around 2am and having just a few beers every night, we still managed to get out of the bed every morning quite early for another day of exploring. These are my two favourites!
  • Whealan's - My absolute favourite club in Dublin, a complete #1! The music is so good, locals go out there, "P.S. I love you" was shot there, Ed Sheeran said it is his favourite venue on the planet and did a gig there. Also, it has a photobooth. Seriously, what more could you ask for!? 
  • The Workmans Club - They played Outkast and the crowd went wild! Best dance party I have ever seen. It looks like a club in a former apartment, but in the best way you could imagine. It also feels like a private party or a private club. You feel like a cool kid when you're there, at least I did.

Tips: These are some things you should know.
  • Walk around, there is no need for taxis! 
  • Irish men are extremely charming.
  • Skip the traditional Irish breakfast. We didn't like it very much.
  • There is some excellent and quite cheap street food everywhere.
  • Buy a beer and sit on the steps in Temple Bar district. It is quite popular with tourists, but it's an amazing spot for people watching.
  • Go on a ride with a rickshaw! It's especially fun at 2am when you had a few too many. 
  • It is not as rainy as they say, but it is quite cold.
  • Bring a few extra pairs of socks (or buy them)!
That all! Have fun! :*