utorak, 19. travnja 2016.


There were still Christmas lights on streets when I called my best friend and said: "Macklemore is coming to Vienna in March, do you want to go, let’s go. We have to decide today, European tour is practically sold out." "I have to ask my mom.", she said. Mom said yes, so we went. I had a mild panic attack, bought the tickets and we both screamed on FaceTime in our pyjamas with our desks filled with piles of work that needed to be done since this whole thing happened during our finals. There was never a moment that so well explained an adolescent friendship between two girls during an evening of extreme happiness and well, extreme despair. 

I like concerts a lot and I would probably spend my last $50 on a concert ticket. Most of the people in Croatia know the struggle. You really like a certain band but the closest city they have a show in is either Milano or Vienna. So no, you will not be lazy and give up and not go. This is what you do. You buy tickets online and pick them at the venue, don’t do the delivery because it will cost you big bucks and you should listen to me because I made this mistake, also you book a cheap hostel in the city centre so that you can explore before and after the concert, the one we stayed in was in Myrthengasse and it was perfect and dead cheap! Also you get your info straight and find the cheapest and most suitable bus or train ticket, you also bring your best friend and that’s it! Congrats, you are going to have the most amazing reality escape you could ever imagine.

This is what we did during our 48 hours in Vienna and so should you!
  • Bought spices and new vintage hat in Naschmarket.
  • Ate pancakes in Ulrich cafe.
  • Bought Springsteen’s record in Sing Sing, a second hand record store.
  • Got new stationary for my mum (she cried when she opened it) and my sister in Sous Bois.
  • Explored my favourite museum, Natural History Museum.
  • Danced like absolute champions while Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were hiting the stage.

That's all! Have fun! ;)