četvrtak, 25. rujna 2014.


 A quick hello before I move from home! Yes, that is true. The day has come. I'm moving to Zagreb tomorrow and my Uni starts on Monday. This is probably one of the most important moments of my life and I am beyond excited. I can already tell that I'll get extremely homesick. Any one who knows me personally would not be surprised with that happening at all. I love Rijeka from the skins to my bones ( and yes, I did quote Ed Sheeran right there ) and not living there will suck, but I do know that I'll try to visit home as often as I can and enjoy Zagreb. :)

photos - Petra Gugleta

utorak, 16. rujna 2014.


I've been reflecting on the past summer, longest summer of my life. Four months of nothing but fun and relaxing. I really don't need much to have fun. Just give me my favorite people, yummy wine and I am the happiest person on the planet. That is actually how I celebrated my 19th birthday two weeks ago. 
There is only ten days left until University starts. Next week I am moving to Zagreb with my two roommates and I am head over heels excited about it. :)

photos - Nika Cuculić