petak, 18. srpnja 2014.


 Life is pretty fantastic at the moment. Eventually all things fall into the right place and happiness just knocks on your door. This is what I have been waiting for and I am trying to take it all in, capture it and never forget it.
I can't wait for tomorrow. I am doing a little roadtrip with my best friend so hours and hours of girl-talk and laughter are guaranteed.

photos - Dorotea Škrabo

srijeda, 9. srpnja 2014.


 H&M skirt and rings, New Yorker sweatshirt, Primark bag, Zara shoes, eBay necklace, Wholesalecelebshades sunnies

I did it! I got into my dream school! 
Months and months of hard work finally payed off and this fall I will become a freshman at the School of Design at the University of Zagreb. You can not even imagine how good this feels. This means I am moving to my own apartment, in a different city, all alone. I am really excited, don't get me wrong, but I am also scared to death. Who wouldn't be, right? 
Well, wish me luck! :)

photos - Klara Komen