subota, 7. ožujka 2015.


Zara jacket and denim skirt, H&M sweater, Stradivarius hat, Giant Vintage wayfarers

Hello there my favourite people on the Internet! We haven't talked to each other in a while. Sorry about that. I am going to make it up to you. A lot of stuff has been going on, mostly University work considering it was the end of a semester, but I don't mind at all. This non-official spring got me all excited and I am planning a lot of upcoming projects and adventures. 
I took my cousins to see the Peter Pan play yesterday and it was amazing! That's one of the benefits when it comes to living in Zagreb, seeing my cousins a lot more than usual. My mum is in town now so I'm going to grab a lunch with her. Talk to you next week! :)

photos - Nikola Vidović