utorak, 11. studenoga 2014.


Looks delicious, right? And the best thing about these bad boys is that they are sugar, dairy and guilt free, vegan and actually unbelievably good for you. 
I was inspired by a recipe from WNTLM, amazing blog by the way, but I didn't quite follow the recipe. I think that's what this is actually about, creativity, using whatever you like and have as long as it's sugar free and non processed. Also, please don't worry about the right measurements, because there is no such thing. This is what I did and what I used but you can do whatever you want. I just hope you'll get some inspiration from this. 

You will need:
- about 15 big medjool dates, more if they are smaller ( this is the base, so it's the only ingredient that's necessary )
- 1,5 handful of goji berries
- 1,5 handful of almonds
- 1,5 handful of cashews 
- 4 table spoons of raw cacao
- 2 tablespoons of coconut powder
- 1 big tablespoon of honey

1. Put everything you see above ( that's a cacao and coconut mixture right there, so don't get confused ) except honey into a blender. 

2. Now this already smells and looks like heaven. Put one huge tablespoon of honey into a mixture and let the messy part begin.

3. Create whatever the shape you want and then cover it with raw cacao or coconut, or mixture of both.

They are full of proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and they were gone in a day. My friends from Uni, my flat mates, my mom and my sister all loved them. I promise you they are "out of this world" kind of delicious and SO good for you. 
If you make them, post a picture on Instagram and tag me. My user name is @soffisingles.

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srijeda, 5. studenoga 2014.


H&M boots and sweater, Zara shorts, vintage bag, ebay necklace

Exactly four years ago I started this blog and here I am today - in my room, doing my University work, listening to an amazing playlist, drinking mint tea, eating avocado on toast and celebrating my blog's 4th birthday. Life is pretty good at the moment. I feel like every single post I write has that "life is amazing" line in it. But really it is. :)

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P.S. Can we just all agree that pink makes everyone happy and people should stop wearing grey and start wearing pink?! ;)