nedjelja, 28. prosinca 2014.


Zara jeans and bag, H&M jacket, sweater and beanie, scarf made by my aunt 

I am not really enthusiastic when it comes to winter but I adore snow! The thing is when you live on a seaside you kind of accept the fact that you will never have a white Christmas or even in some cases white winter, just lots and lots of rainy days. So every time we have a snow day over here, I get a little bit too excited. I don't know why, I just like it so much. Being able to embrace it here, in my hometown after being away for so long, feels even better.
I am going on a ski trip to France with my friends next week and I can not wait to get back on the slopes. I am going to be the only female in an apartment with five boys. That should be fun, right!? :)

photos - Nika Cuculić

četvrtak, 25. prosinca 2014.


 Merry Christmas my little reindeers. :*
 I really hope you are happy on this fine day, wearing that Christmas jumper, eating cookies, opening presents and spending some quality family bonding time. I am currently siting on my sofa trying to recover from a horrible hangover and Christmas food overdose after I had the most amazing day with my favourite people. 
I am the biggest breakfast enthusiast you will ever meet. There are really only a few things better in this world then having your breakfast in bed. It doesn't even have to be morning for me to have breakfast. These are the kind of things I would eat at 3 am as a comfort food when I am having boy problems or a panic attack about University work. Sometimes I am in a mood for a mozarella omelette, sometimes for an oatmeal with raw cacao and banana, but these are all really healthy recipes. That is the only thing I care about when it comes to food in general - just healthy. My favourite thing on this planet is avo and feta cheese on toast. OH MY GOD! I have a love affair with avocados. Whenever they are on sale I make sure I buy fifteen of them and I am not even exaggerating. Just read the next few lines and you'll understand me.  

1. Eggs on toasted bread with feta cheese and parsley
2. Banana, avocado and raw cacao mousse topped with oats, cranberries and almonds
3. Mozzarella, feta and parsley omelette with tomatoes and toast
4. Oats with banana, kiwi, goji berries, raw cacao, honey and homemade fig jam and my favourite bliss balls ( recipe here )
5. Toasted bread with honey, kiwi and goji berries
6. Avo on crispy toast with feta cheese

Sounds delicious, right? :)

petak, 19. prosinca 2014.


H&M coat and sweater, Choies skirt, Zara boots and bag, my aunt's fur hat

What I am about to write has nothing to do with this outfit but it's just something I'd like to share with you. :)
Two days ago I remembered why I love certain pieces of clothing so much. There was a black tie event that I was about to attend and I knew I had to wear something that made me feel good about myself. I ended up wearing something that gave me an amount of confidence that I haven't felt for a long time. I usually am quite confident but this time it felt extremely good. It's a little bit weird writing about this and people might think that I am being arrogant but confidence is good for you, really really good. I don't know if it was the outfit, the people, having my mum and sister there or something else but it sure felt good. 
I wrote about this whole confidence topic before and I strongly feel like there is nothing that makes people feel better about themselves then confidence. It takes time but when you get there it just feels amazing. 

P.S. You can see the THE outfit on my Instagram account. :)

photos - Nika Cuculić

utorak, 11. studenoga 2014.


Looks delicious, right? And the best thing about these bad boys is that they are sugar, dairy and guilt free, vegan and actually unbelievably good for you. 
I was inspired by a recipe from WNTLM, amazing blog by the way, but I didn't quite follow the recipe. I think that's what this is actually about, creativity, using whatever you like and have as long as it's sugar free and non processed. Also, please don't worry about the right measurements, because there is no such thing. This is what I did and what I used but you can do whatever you want. I just hope you'll get some inspiration from this. 

You will need:
- about 15 big medjool dates, more if they are smaller ( this is the base, so it's the only ingredient that's necessary )
- 1,5 handful of goji berries
- 1,5 handful of almonds
- 1,5 handful of cashews 
- 4 table spoons of raw cacao
- 2 tablespoons of coconut powder
- 1 big tablespoon of honey

1. Put everything you see above ( that's a cacao and coconut mixture right there, so don't get confused ) except honey into a blender. 

2. Now this already smells and looks like heaven. Put one huge tablespoon of honey into a mixture and let the messy part begin.

3. Create whatever the shape you want and then cover it with raw cacao or coconut, or mixture of both.

They are full of proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and they were gone in a day. My friends from Uni, my flat mates, my mom and my sister all loved them. I promise you they are "out of this world" kind of delicious and SO good for you. 
If you make them, post a picture on Instagram and tag me. My user name is @soffisingles.

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srijeda, 5. studenoga 2014.


H&M boots and sweater, Zara shorts, vintage bag, ebay necklace

Exactly four years ago I started this blog and here I am today - in my room, doing my University work, listening to an amazing playlist, drinking mint tea, eating avocado on toast and celebrating my blog's 4th birthday. Life is pretty good at the moment. I feel like every single post I write has that "life is amazing" line in it. But really it is. :)

There is a really cool giveaway happening on my Instagram account where you can win a personalized poster illustrated by me. Just click the 'like' and 'follow' button and that's it.

P.S. Can we just all agree that pink makes everyone happy and people should stop wearing grey and start wearing pink?! ;)

subota, 18. listopada 2014.


When I realised I was going to move away from home for University, I promised myself one thing and that is to stay healthy. It sounds simple but being away from home-cooked meals and your mom to look after you makes this whole ' I want to stay healthy ' thing quite a challenge. I know that most of you guys are around my age and I want to remind you how important it is to treat your body in a proper way. You know what they say - ' Good seed makes a good crop.'.
The first thing you have to do is forget about your weight. That number means nothing. Really it doesn't. This is not me telling you how to lose weight, this is me telling you how to look after yourself. Still, you have to put good food in your body. So no sugar, no food additives, no chemicals, no processed food, no crap basically. And it will be hard, I can assure you but you just have to remember one thing - what you eat is what you are made of. If you put bad food in you body, your skin, your muscles and everything else is going to suck. If you put gorgeous food full of proteins, vitamins and antioxidants and all of those other wonderful ingredients, that's what you'll be made of. And don't believe those stupid articles that say things like - ' bananas make you fat '. Bananas aren't processed therefore they are good for you, just like every piece of fruit and vegetable.
If you really want to feel better, have more energy and a glowing skin then just take care of yourself. In the future I'm going to write more about this topic. For now just follow these few tips and I promise you that you won't regret it. To me, the most beautiful people are the ones who love themselves and know that they are beautiful without being arrogant. The only person you'll have to spend your entire life with is yourself, so make yourself beautiful inside and out. Love yourself and remember that you are golden.


četvrtak, 25. rujna 2014.


 A quick hello before I move from home! Yes, that is true. The day has come. I'm moving to Zagreb tomorrow and my Uni starts on Monday. This is probably one of the most important moments of my life and I am beyond excited. I can already tell that I'll get extremely homesick. Any one who knows me personally would not be surprised with that happening at all. I love Rijeka from the skins to my bones ( and yes, I did quote Ed Sheeran right there ) and not living there will suck, but I do know that I'll try to visit home as often as I can and enjoy Zagreb. :)

photos - Petra Gugleta

utorak, 16. rujna 2014.


I've been reflecting on the past summer, longest summer of my life. Four months of nothing but fun and relaxing. I really don't need much to have fun. Just give me my favorite people, yummy wine and I am the happiest person on the planet. That is actually how I celebrated my 19th birthday two weeks ago. 
There is only ten days left until University starts. Next week I am moving to Zagreb with my two roommates and I am head over heels excited about it. :)

photos - Nika Cuculić

srijeda, 13. kolovoza 2014.


Hello from paradise also known as Pag! Life isn't bad at all when you spend half of every single day in a bikini. This pretty much explains what I've been up to for the past twenty days: sleeping ten hours every day, my grandpa's cuisine, wine nights, tanned skin, sand all over my room, dancing in the rain, beach hair and salty skin.
In two months after reading this post, I am going to wish it was summer again.

photos - Nika Cuculić

petak, 18. srpnja 2014.


 Life is pretty fantastic at the moment. Eventually all things fall into the right place and happiness just knocks on your door. This is what I have been waiting for and I am trying to take it all in, capture it and never forget it.
I can't wait for tomorrow. I am doing a little roadtrip with my best friend so hours and hours of girl-talk and laughter are guaranteed.

photos - Dorotea Škrabo