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Once again I decided to make a reality escape. This time during the end of the semester. Although this might not sound like the greatest idea ever but if one of your favourite singers has a concert in Florence and you’ve never been to Florence and you’ve never been on his concert then the most logical thing to do is to buy concert tickets, find the cheapest train and the cheapest hostel. And there you go, you are going on a weekend trip to Florence to see James Bay. No one would say no to that!

  • First Sunday of every month means free entrance to every attraction including museums, galleries, churches… So try to plan your trip during that time if you want to save your euros. We accidentally did this and let me tell you when that lady said that everything is free my smile was ear to ear wide. Florence is the best place if you’re an art fanatic.
  • We stayed at Via del Sole in the city centre and it was also 5 minutes away from the main train station. Cheap accommodation in Italy is not great. You can forget about reliable wifi or helpful staff. 
  • Piazza Santo Spirito is the place to be if you’re more into a local experience and a break from all the crowds. There is a small quiet cafe there, Pittam'ingoli where 4 euros will get you two cappuccinos and two brioches and a free wifi. We went there every morning and every afternoon for a quick break. Only a few steps away from the cafe is Ostaria Santo Spirito where even small portions are enough to keep you happy. Try the Baked Truffle Gnochi and you will crave it forever!
  • One of the most fun and affordable things you can do is to simply grab little bit of cheese, prosciutto, pesto, couple of beers from the supermarket and find a good picnic spot which won't be hard in Florence. 
That's all! Have a blast! :*

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