subota, 15. veljače 2014.


 Choies sweater, Zara skirt, H&M coat & necklace, David Jones bag

After days and days of continuous rain, the sun finally appeared. And I have to say it was very weird. All of a sudden you don't need to bring your umbrella everywhere you go and sunnies are an essential. As usual those days are over and it's already cloudy.
Also I have a lot of work to do and I am quite stressed out although I try not to be. I just hope everything goes well with my final exams and college applications. I am entering that "uncertain" stage of life. You know when you go to school and you just have that safe future. You finish one grade, you go to the next one and so on. As your high school days are approaching their end, you start thinking about your future more, you are terrified, you try to work as hard as you can and you just hope for the best. Don't worry! Every eighteen-year old is going through the same thing right now. I am too. Fingers crossed right?  :)

photos - Iva Benić

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  1. Ajme odličan je post!! Vesta je predivna, a o lančiću i da ne govorim!

  2. Prekrasna si i jedna tako zanimljiva osoba. Voljela bih kad bi cesce postala, tvoji outfitevi su bas inspirirajuci.

  3. Ajme, ajme, ajme! Otkrila sam ti blog ovo ljeto i bila sam toliko odusevljena da sam procitala svaki post (ne pretjerujem, bilo je skrolanja i klikanja hahah), ali ovo je prvi put da ti komentiram da ti kazem koliko si me odusevila ovom kombinacijom, bas si prekrasna :)
    Sad si i sluzbeno moja najdraza hrvatska blogerica :D

  4. Šta ćeš upisati? :)

  5. ovo je toliko krasno da sam bez rijeci. Savrsenstvo.

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  7. Mnogo mi se dopada:)

  8. What a beautiful outfit!

  9. your blog is very good, I was impressed.