petak, 19. prosinca 2014.


H&M coat and sweater, Choies skirt, Zara boots and bag, my aunt's fur hat

What I am about to write has nothing to do with this outfit but it's just something I'd like to share with you. :)
Two days ago I remembered why I love certain pieces of clothing so much. There was a black tie event that I was about to attend and I knew I had to wear something that made me feel good about myself. I ended up wearing something that gave me an amount of confidence that I haven't felt for a long time. I usually am quite confident but this time it felt extremely good. It's a little bit weird writing about this and people might think that I am being arrogant but confidence is good for you, really really good. I don't know if it was the outfit, the people, having my mum and sister there or something else but it sure felt good. 
I wrote about this whole confidence topic before and I strongly feel like there is nothing that makes people feel better about themselves then confidence. It takes time but when you get there it just feels amazing. 

P.S. You can see the THE outfit on my Instagram account. :)

photos - Nika Cuculić

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  1. Predobra kombinacija!

  2. Predivna si bila na Bijeloj noci. :)


  4. Kaputić je predivan :)