ponedjeljak, 22. lipnja 2015.


Choies Midi Skirt, Zara shoes, Vintage bag

Because Mondays never felt this good.
You know you're going to have a good day when a work day turns into a national holiday and the sun is finally shining. So we put our favourite outfits on, had the usual girl talk and walked around in high heels. I finally feel unapologetic about wearing heels during daytime. They make me feel confident and there is absolutely nothing wrong about that. So ladies, get that favourite pair out of the closet because shoes that pretty aren't meant to be always worn in the dark.

photos - Klara Bilić

3 komentara :

  1. Love your smile.
    And your dress is really amazing.

  2. Great post! :)


  3. Find your blog so great, 
    pretty pictures and beautiful colors.